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for MCMO Members

Please provide the following information to request your .MUSIC domain name(s) and proceed to pay the verification fee.

Music Community Promotional
Self-Registration Site


You will be required to verify nexus; therefore, your requested domain name must have a strong connection (nexus) to your identity as an artist, creator, industry professional, member, or an organization/company.

  • It must not be a genre or geography or instrument or a generic name or your initials (2 or 3 letters);

  • It must be easily verifiable by public data; and

  • It must not be someone else's name or likeness.

Please click the +Add Domain Name button to add your requested domain name(s) - even for one domain name. You can self-register up to ten (10) domain names. When you are all done, proceed to the attestation checkbox, below. 
+ Add Domain Name


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